Variabile + Q 130

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Quadrionda glass (denoted in the title by the sign Q 130) is an industrial glass of the widest use, already employed in previous works, such as 9×9×X. Since 1963 it is used for a series of works, including Variabile + Q 130, that follow and expand the research on Schemi luminosi variabili (Variable Light Schemes). The work is composed of a checkerboard hatch that rotates under a Quadrionda glass, interfering with it and producing ever-changing perceptual experiences. The higher variability of image is obtained with a very simple pattern, such as the alternation of positive and negative (light/dark) of a checkerboard scheme. It seems that the main door of the building on via Oxilia 15 in Milan, where Grazia Varisco used to live, was made of Quadrionda glass: the basement hosted a glass-making workshop. Everyday experiences can be the triggering event of research.

Grazia Varisco    

Variabile + Q 130 (Variable + Q 130)    


Collection of the Artist, Milan