Dexter Sinister, How to design (multiples)

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Reprogrammed Art salutes the latest exhibition by Dexter Sinister at Colli Independent Art Gallery in Rome, running from April 7 through June 9, 2018.

This second exhibition by Dexter Sinister (in a series of three) tracks Bruno Munari’s work: it follows directly from “…meet the Tetracono” at Colli in June 2017 and includes a collection of exhibits related to Munari, Danese, and Dexter Sinister.

“How to design (multiples) … Multiples are designed with the methods of research. Unlike the artist, the designer does not make a wonderful sketch and later find some reproduction technique. He experiments on a phenomenon which is optical, physical, geometrical, typological, mechanical … He refines the elements of communication, and studies the best material with which to produce the object for the maximum level of visual communication and the minimum level of cost. He finds the mechanical technique which best suits his purposes, and in the end a prototype is born — not a unique artistic creation, but a model for the creation of a series. Reproductions of artwork are always inferior to the original, but when designing a model for mass production, the prototype is always inferior to the final products.” (Codice Ovvio, Bruno Munari, 1971)