Tavola di possibilità liquide

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The series Tavola di possibilità liquide (Table of liquid possibilities) was named so after the exhibition Miriorama 10, when the pieces were built so that they could rotate: before they were called Tavole liquide or Tavole idriche.

They have different sizes, with patterns in form of a square spiral or a swastika. The first version, exhibited at Miriorama 5, the solo exhibition of Giovanni Anceschi at Galleria Pater, was made of two square Rhodoid sheets sealed with an extra strong glue (UHU). An amount of red aniline dyed mineral oil was interposed between the two sheets. Colored oil and water were employed for several works. The work was hung to a stirrup held by two pre-existing electrical cables at Galleria Pater. On the back of the work, framed in wood, four round hooks allowed the audience to hold it into their hands, put it upside down and back on its place.

At some point after Miriorama 10, the series assumed its final morphology. A large neutral wooden surface, with a ferrule on its center allowing the rotation of a hinge placed on the back of the work.

Abstract video is a variation of the series Tavola di possibilità liquid. This multiple work was presented for the first time during Miriorama 8 at Danese showroom. The effect of the straining liquid is transformed into an object: a sealed octagonal PVC envelope with colored oil is held with metallic clips to an aluminum surface of the same shape. Four sides of the octagonal structure are prolonged on the back to form a basket allowing the viewer to rotate the object into a sequence of eight positions.

A wooden demountable version of Abstract video was produced for Miriorama 9 at Minami Gallery in Tokyo.

Giovanni Anceschi

Tavola di possibilità liquide


Miriorama 5, 6, 7, 9