Oggetto a linee d’aria

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Oggetto a linee d’aria
Oggetto a linee d’aria (Puff Lines Object) is composed of a black concave metal surface with small, invisible holes pierced on it. The base contains several rubber peers which produce air puffs when triggered. They are positioned so that the face of the viewer is at sufficient distance as to be reached by the puffs. Each peer is randomly connected with one hole, so that the point of air emission is unpredictable.

Playing with one’s own body shivers
Oggetto a linee d’aria (Puff Lines Object) by Gabriele Devecchi is just another example of the somatic component of Gruppo T’s oeuvre, as Giovanni Anceschi writes: “The apogée of Devecchi’s achievement in terms of involving the body and combining annihilation and a strong sensual involvement – a very paroxysm of virtuosity we might say – is his work Oggetto a linee d’aria. Many were shocked by the idea of creating a work of art which puffed air into the face of the person, who is no longer spectator but a user in the fullest sense of the word, especially as the piece requires one to keep one’s eyes closed. The shock response soon dies away as people realize that it is possible to play with one’s own body, and enjoy the sensations it produces”.

Further readings
Giovanni Anceschi, Brachiestesie, in: Silvio San Pietro (ed.), Gabriele Devecchi, I Menhir, Edizioni L’Archivolto, Milan 1995, pp.14

Oggetto a linee d’aria (Puff Lines Object)

Gabriele Devecchi

Aluminium, rubber peers, manual animation


Collection / Owner
Archivio Gabriele Devecchi, Milan