Ambiente a shock luminosi

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The viewer walks through a sequence of two parallel aisles: floor and walls are white, while the ceiling is a white translucent veil, a sort of velarium. In the middle of both aisles and over the velarium two strong light sources (groups of neon lights) are set. Two timers, whose schedules are slightly staggered, rhythmically switch on and off the light sources.

Thus the viewer goes through two fundamental perceptual situations in a sequence: in approaching the light source, space demarcations seem to vanish, while at both ends of the double aisle an effect of condensation and dilution in the time span of light shocks is perceived.

The images by Antonio Ria document the reconstruction realised for the exhibition “Arte programmate e cinetica 1953–1963: L’ultima avanguardia” curated by Lea Vergine, held in Milan, Palazzo Reale, 4 November 1983 – 27 February 1984.

Another reconstruction of this environment was included in the permanent collection of Museo del Novecento in Milan.

Giovanni Anceschi

Ambiente a shock luminosi (Light Shock Environment)


Museo del Novecento

Nouvelle Tendence, Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Palais du Louvre, Pavillon de Marsan, Paris