Re-Programmed Art presented at Lausanne Parallel School

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The project Re-Programmed Art: an Open Manifesto was presented by Davide Fornari within the frame of Lausanne Parallel School on Friday 11 September 2015.

The lecture From School for Master Builders to Learning-by-Doing Paradigm focused on the workshop held at SUPSI in September 2014, and footage of the exhibition Reprogrammed Art at the Swiss Institute in Milan, in order to discuss new paradigms for researching, teaching and learning within design schools.

Lausanne Parallel School was supported by ECAL Lausanne and held at the space Harpe 45. Parallel School belongs to no one. 
Parallel School has no location. Parallel School is not teaching.
 Parallel School is learning.
 Parallel School offers an open environment for self-education in the broader context of art and design. Each participant will both learn and teach in order to share knowledge and ideas with others.