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Starting from an initial concept, Davide Boriani has developed through the years and by close variations several series of artworks (Superficie magnetica, Ipercubo, PH.Scope, etc.). These series can not be represented adequately by one sample work, be it a prototype or the optimal result reached through close variations years after. PH.Scope is a generator of ever changing programmed luminescent images. A source of UV light projects a series of moving dots on a rotating screen through a system of perforated rotating discs. The screen is prepared with a phosphorescent material, which transforms the UV light into visible light. The moving dots of UV light are revealed and turned into persistent light trails that overlap and gradually dissolve.

The shape of the light trails is the result of a program based on the speed, the sense of rotation of screen and discs, and the pattern of the perforations. Users can change sense and speed of rotation of mobile elements through buttons at the base of PH.Scope, thus generating different sequences of animation.

The prototype of PH.Scope dates to 1963 and was produced for the second edition of Arte programmata that toured through the United States. In 1964 a new prototype with a round shape was produced. The cylindrical structure with a paraboloid back is made of a steel plate. The base in molten aluminum hosts the UV lamp power supply, the motors controlling the rotation of the discs and the screen, and the three buttons actuated by the user.

Artist: Davide Boriani
Date: 1964
Exhibition: Strutture di visione, 15th Avezzano Award, Palazzo Torlonia, 1964.
Between 1964 and 1966 twelve variations with a similar structure and different designs in the perforation of the discs were produced. One of these variations was exhibited at Miriorama 14, another one at the exhibition Kunst-Licht-Kunst at Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven in 1966, others at the solo exhibitions of Davide Boriani at galleria Vismara, Milan 1966, and at galleria del Naviglio, Milan 1968.
Medium: Aluminum, steel, plexiglas, phosphorescent paint, HQV lamp, three micro-motors, 60 x 72 x 32 cm