Struttura tridimensionale componibile

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Each of the 17 square modules made of normal silver has four diagonal cuts on the four edges. The modules can be combined in ever changing configurations. The first version has been lost, while another version made of silver was produced.

On the occasion of the shotting made at Monte Olimpino by Marcello Piccardo, the “Struttura tridimensionale componibile” was lit by an RGB projection set, which produced varying chromatic effects.

The studios in Monte Olimpino, founded in 1962 by Bruno Munari and Marcello Piccardo, was one of the most advanced centers of experimental cinema. Among their productions, the film “Arte programmata”, which documents the first exhibition of 1962 in the Olivetti show-room on Galleria Vittorio Emanuele in Milan. The film script is by Bruno Munari, the screenplay is by Marcello Piccardo, the music by Luciano Berio, while the director was Enzo Monachesi.

Artist: Giovanni Anceschi
Title: “Struttura tridimensionale componibile (quadrato/esagono)” (“Three-dimensional modular structure (square/hexagon)”)
Date: 1963-64
Collection/owner: Artist’s collection
Exhibition: Miriorama 13

Featured image:  G. Anceschi, Struttura tridimensionale componibile, 1963-64. Photo by Marco Poma, Metamorphosi


Struttura tridimensionale componibile, Museo del Novecento, exhibition Munari Politecnico, 6 April - 7 September 2014, Milan