Strutturazione pulsante

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Strutturazione pulsante (Pulsing Structuralization) is a monochromatic wall of identical Styrofoam blocks arranged in a regular grid. An electromechanical device is set on the back, causing the protrusion of several points of the surface according to a random sequence.

The continuous and simultaneous “breath” of the structure surprises the audience through ever changing visual and perceptual conditions.

At Miriorama 4 Gianni Colombo exposed “Superficie pulsante” (“Pulsing surface”), which is an anticipation of the series of “Strutturazione pulsante”. The audience acts on a handle that triggers a mechanism behind the surface for pushing the modules.

A similar work, with a manual animation, was exhibited at Miriorama 9 at Minami Gallery, Tokyo, 1961.

In the featured picture: G. Colombo, “Superficie pulsante” (“Pulsing surface”), 1959. Archivio Gianni Colombo, Milan

Artist: Gianni Colombo
Title: “Strutturazione pulsante” (“Pulsing Structuralization”)
Date: 1959
Collection/owner: Archivio Gianni Colombo, Milan
Exhibition: Miriorama 4, 7, 9, 12
Medium: Styrofoam, foam rubber, wood, manual and electromechanical animation