Struttura tricroma

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The Struttura tricroma (“Trichrome structure”) is a luminous device based on addictive mix of light. Three separate light sources are set inside the cube. Three incandescent light bulbs are screened by a wooden diaphragm with three holes. Each hole is covered with a colored jelly in the three basic addictive colors (RGB). Their mix would generate white light in the central area.

At the center of the diaphragm a motor moves a cross-shaped blade. A perforated metallic sheet with round holes arranged on a triangular grid is set over the blade. A translucent screen closes the cube few centimeters over the sheet.

The effect of chromatic transformation is highly refined since the cross-shaped blade is set between the light sources and the screen, covering alternatively one of the light sources after the other, and resulting into different chromatic nuances.

A number of variations of this artwork exist: besides dimensional differences, the device creating the shadows inside the cube can change, from a cross-shaped blade to a “mobile” – a sort of useless machine triggered by heat – or a rhodoid, a thin sheet which rotates thanks to a motor and on whose surface two or three matt stamps are applied. The cubic modules can be piled up to four.

Artist: Giovanni Anceschi 
Title: Struttura tricroma (“Trichrome structure”)
Date: 1964
Collection/owner: Museo del '900, Milan, the final version composed of four modules
Exhibition: Strutture di visione, XV Premio Avezzano, Palazzo Torlonia, 1964; Miriorama 14, 1964
Medium: Cubic structure in black lacquered wood, one side in a material suitable for retro-projection, perforated metallic sheet with round holes set to a triangular grid, internal wooden bulkheads, partially covered with silver, three incandescent light bulbs, transparent glass, electric motor, pivoted cross-shaped blades.
Trivia: In the idiomatic of Gruppo T, one would say that Anceschi had re-invented the color television set.

Featured image: G. Anceschi, Struttura tricroma, 1963, various materials, motor,  51,5 x 51,5 x 51 cm VAF 0674 © MART, Museo di arte moderna e contemporanea di Trento e Rovereto – Archivio fotografico, VAF-Stiftung Collection


Thichrome Structure exhibited at Museo del Novecento, Milan