Miriorama 2

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Miriorama 2 is the solo exhibition of Davide Boriani at Galleria Pater in Milan. At Miriorama 2, Davide Boriani exhibits nine works. The Tavole (“tables”), both magnetic and electromagnetic, were horizontally aligned. In several cases a motorized motion was designed, yet the artist was not able to implement it for the time constraint. Miriorama 2 opened on Tuesday 19 January 1960, two days after Miriorama 1.

For their solo exhibition, members of the Gruppo T wrote a text, published on the invitation card.

“The intuition of reality in its ways of becoming has been decisive for me and at the same time determined by the need to give the artwork an objective temporal value. The same need for concreteness which for me makes symbolic representation of the flow of time in space – obtainable with spatial composition – seem insufficient for its immutability, determines the necessity of considering the space-temporal phenomena in their elementary individualizing of themselves for the purposes of the artwork. Therefore, in seeking to express myself coherently according to a new model, I present in these my works only those situations in becoming of which I have a precise consciousness. For this reason they have the character of surfaces, point forms identified in space according to their most simple and immediate values of extension, color, alignment. These values are subject to a continual or intermittent variation, not to show the image in a movement, which repeats itself indefinitely, but to give the sequence of images that are constantly transforming. Through its real duration the artwork constantly reveals what it is that, through the initial mark made by me, will be its concrete, unnerving or painful presence.”