Cubo reticolo in variazione

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Cubo reticolo in variazione (Variating Grid Cube) is part of a research by Gabriele Devecchi in 1964 started with Deformazione assonometrica. In that work, shadow is used as an artefact to complete a dihedral shape in a cube. The real image and its virtual double compose a volumetric whole in an ever changing variation.

The work Cubo reticolo in variazione takes further the possibilities of relationship between light and shadow, a topic dear to Devecchi, equally developed in his environments (Ambiente a linee luminose or also Strutturazione a parametri virtuali, 1969, now at the Museo del Novecento in Milan) and his teaching activities, through basic design exercises.
Here the light trace provided by two rotating light sources goes through a dihedral shape in perforated metal sheet. The light source draws the shape of a cube with light dots on a screen in an ever changing configuration.

Gabriele Devecchi

Cubo reticolo in variazione


Devecchi estate, Milan

“Milano 70-70”, Museo Poldi Pezzoli, Milan 1970

Retroprojection, aluminium, methacrylate, red PVC, two light bulbs 50W, motor 220V, transistor 2gm