The exhibition at Galleria Pater

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Giovanni Anceschi, Davide Boriani, Gianni Colombo and Gabriele Devecchi expose for the first time together at Galleria Pater in Milan, via Borgonuovo 10.

The exhibition opens on Tuesday, September 22, 1959. The informal works on show are a clamorous sold out, and the galleries proposes to each one of the artists a solo show for the following year. Instead, they come up with Gruppo T’s miriorama: an art which was far away from the market, if not against it.

During those months of discussions at the tables of bar Titta on via Brera, Anceschi, Boriani, Colombo e Devecchi edit a series of programmatic texts, which eventually became the “Dichiarazione Miriorama 1” in October 1959. It is the theoretical platform and the technical manifesto which is the base for the establishment of Gruppo T.

During those few and crucial years between 1950s and 1960s, they meet every evening at bar Titta on via Brera, and frantically discuss on what they can do after the post-informal reset, on what was “future forward” and what was instead “past”. They would very often go to the cinema, when every neighbourhood hosted a cinema hall and leisures were discreet and widespread. Most of all, they would go to films by Fernand Léger, Man Ray, Marcel Duchamp, Hans Richter, Djiga Vertov, Jean Epstein and the likes, at Cineteca Italiana run by Italian filmmakers Comencini, Lattuada and Rognoni, which were then at their peak years.