Dilatazione spazio-temporale di un percorso, Como

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“Dilatazione spazio-temporale di un percorso” (Space-Time Dilatation of a Path) is the title of the intervention by Grazia Varisco for the event “Campo Urbano”. Interventi estetici nella dimensione collettiva urbana” (The Urban Field. Aesthetic Interventions in the Public Urban Sphere), organized in Como on September 21, 1969, and curated by Luciano Caramel, Ugo Mulas and Bruno Munari.

The aim of Varisco’s intervention was to design a new experience of the public space. A series of large cardboard boxes obstructs a street, obliging passers-by to adopt different paths, which are conditioned by the arrangement of these barriers and diaphragms. They trigger the perception of new aspects of urban landscape and the repetition of a discovery practice, be it impatient or pleasant.

Grazia Varisco

Dilatazione spazio-temporale di un percorso