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Installation of the window display at Niedlich bookshop in Stuttgart for “Rot” magazine issue edited by Max Bense on concrete poetry and informational aesthetics.

On this issue of the magazine feature pioneering works on computer graphics as well as the Manifesto for permutational art by Abraham Moles, later translated into Italian in the magazine “Malebolge” (Issue no. 1, spring-summer 1967, edited by Giovanni Anceschi, Corrado Costa, Antonio Porta and Adriano Spatola; graphic design by Giovanni Anceschi).

The glass of the window is covered with grey paper, with two cut-out holes. Two small cubic spaces are placed inside the window, and at the bottom of these spaces stand two panels with the word “rot”, in red on grey and green on grey. Two lamps, one red and one green, triggered by a programmed switch, turn on and off rhythmically, producing a variety of effects: green light on red and red light on green make the writing black, green light on green make it green, red light on red make it red.

Giovanni Anceschi

Window display for “Rot” magazine, edited by Max Bense


Window of Niedlich bookshop in Stuttgart