Grazia Varisco

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Grazia Varisco (Milan, 1937) is an artist. Since 1960 she develops her artistic research as a member of Gruppo T.

She participates to the manifestations Miriorama, to the exhibitions of programmed art, and to the events of the international movement New Tendencies, where she has the chance to meet and exchange with individual artists as well as Italian and foreign groups who share her interest in the field of perception and experimentation. Since the half of the sixties, Varisco continues her experimentations and exhibitions individually, working as well as a graphic designer for the Ufficio Sviluppo at the department store La Rinascente in Milan, for the magazine “Abitare”, for the company Kartell and for the Piano Intercomunale Milanese.

In 1969 she exhibits at the gallery of Arturo Schwarz in Milan the “Dilatazione spazio-temporale di un percorso”, where a spotlight slowly rotates on an otherwise completely dark environment: by reaching different distances, the light modifies the perception of the space. In the same year she is invited to the manifestation “Campo urbano” where she presents the large installation “Dilatazione spazio-temporale di un percorso” as a direct intervention on the streets of the city.

In 1969 she visits the USA for a first one-year stay with her family, with a second stay in 1973.

From 1979-1980 she starts teaching and since 1981 she is professor of theories of perception at the Academy of Brera.

She participates in important national and international group exhibitions. Her works are in museums as well as in public and private collections both in Italy and abroad, among others: Galleria Nazional d’Arte Moderna in Rome, Museum of Modern Art in New York, Museo del Novecento in Milan. She lives and works in Milan.