Mercuriali Reticoli frangibili

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Since the half of the 1960s, the research of Grazia Varisco focuses on the Mercuriali (“Mercurials”) and on the Reticoli frangibili (“Frangible grids”), as well as on the issue of multi-stability and lability of image.

Her Mercuriali feature the reinforced glass called Quadrionda, an industrial material of common use, which she adopted in previous works such as 9x9xX. The grid of this type of glass interferes with polished chrome metal studs. The materials employed – previously the magnets, and afterwards mercury, industrial glass decomposing the image, electric motors and light – are chosen according to the issue of variation.

In Reticoli frangibili the variation of image is out of control and unforeseeable, as an effect of the interference of quadrionda glass with a variety of signs.

Theses signs, which are initially drawn and colored, become lately full colored cardboards: they flick, dilate, shrink, shine. Grazia Varisco describes them as “lively, darting as red fishes in the glass vase of the painting by Matisse”.

Artist Grazia Varisco
Date From 1965
Collection/owner Collection of the artist, Milan
Featured image Grazia Varisco, Mercuriale (“Mercurial”), 1965-1971.